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Ostomy Awareness Day is October 3, 2020


10 Days, Thousands of Voices - Join Us!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Ostomy Awareness Day and we are proud to stand with the entire ostomy community in celebration. We aim to connect our worldwide community with ten voices who embody ostomate confidence. Share the strength of your own voice and get ready for an unforgettable live event October 3rd! Keep reading for ways to get involved, raise awareness, and show that ostomies can empower.

3 Easy and Fun Ways to Show Your Support

We believe ostomy surgery can give someone a new chance at life and may actually help them live the life they want to live. With these three easy and fun ways to show support, join us by sharing your voice in building confidence and connection within the ostomy community.

Cook with Nude Dude Food

Join us for a virtual cooking class on October 3rd with private chefs Ryan Van Voorhis and Seth Bradley of Nude Dude Food, one of Chicago’s most sought after private dining and catering services. Ryan received his permanent ostomy after battling Crohn’s disease for several years. He learned early on how much his diet impacted his digestive health and made a commitment to eating well ever since.

Show Off Your Stoma Sticker

Stoma stickers are a great way to raise awareness, start a conversation, or show support. Request your free stoma sticker today!

For more opportunities to connect online, check out the Hollister Incorporated digital sticker pack on Instagram to share your experiences in Instagram Stories.

Virtual Stoma Stroll 2020

We are proud to continue supporting the 2020 Ostomy Canada Stoma Stroll. This year will be different yet still the same as we raise awareness by showing how you live life to the fullest with an ostomy. #StomaStroll

We cannot be together but we can come together virtually to raise awareness and funds!

Learn about OCS

We're All About Education

We believe knowledge is power – knowing more about living with an ostomy or the products and resources available to you can help empower you. This information can also help others better understand your experience. Check out these topics below.

Healthy Skin

Healthy skin around your stoma not only helps your pouching system adhere properly, but may also improve your quality of life. Taking special care to improve and preserve skin health may help you feel comfortable with your ostomy.

The Right Barrier

Living with an ostomy doesn’t mean you have to live with stoma fluid leakage or skin irritation. Your skin barrier fit plays a large role in your skin health experience. Learn how convex skin barriers work and what benefits they offer.

Personalized Support

You may have questions about your ostomy and how to keep on living the life you want to live, but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Hollister Secure Start services offers free personalized ostomy support regardless of the brand of products you use.

A Helping Hand During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Whatever questions you need to have answered, we’re here to try and help. On this dedicated page, you’ll find lots of useful information to keep you feeling safe, reassured, and ready for the future.

Visit the COVID-19 Support Hub

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