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Hollister CeraPlus

CeraPlus Skin Barrier with Remois Technology*

Choose the barrier designed to keep healthy skin healthy — right from the start.

From day one: CeraPlus skin barrier helps ensure healthy skin.

The CeraPlus skin barrier is infused with ceramide. Ceramides serve as the skin's natural protection against water loss. By binding skin cells together to help retain moisture, these lipids also act as a lubricant, which may help the skin stay more resistant to injury over time. 1,2

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The results are in.
CeraPlus skin barrier observed to be more effective than SenSura Mio at:


Minimizing Skin Irritation

CeraPlus skin barrier significantly less disruptive to the skin compared to SenSura Mio.1


Protecting Skin from Damage

CeraPlus skin barrier provided better protection against the damaging effects of repeated adhesive removal than SenSura Mio.1


Minimizing TEWL

TEWL was 41% lower with CeraPlus skin barrier than SenSura Mio.1

The findings suggest that regardless of how the skin looks, the ceramide-infused formulation of the CeraPlus skin barrier may provide protection against the potentially damaging effects of repeated skin barrier use.1

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Why minimizing TEWL is so important in peristomal skin.

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is an important aspect of skin health. Normal skin trauma from repeated use of an ostomy barrier is measured to have increased TEWL, even when skin doesn't appear compromised.

Start using the CeraPlus skin barrier from day one to help ensure the healthy skin your patients deserve.

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Remois-Logo_100x87 *Remois is a technology of Alcare Co., Ltd.