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Skin Around the Stoma Deserves to be Healthy

Living with a stoma doesn't mean you have to tolerate skin problems on your abdomen. Whether you are having issues with itchy, red, or painful skin around the stoma or want to prevent skin issues from occurring, we have the products and resources to help you maintain healthy skin.

Better stoma care begins with innovation

We learned long ago that just having the right fit in a skin barrier is not enough to protect the skin around the stoma from damage. We believe the right fit with the right formulation can meet and exceed individual needs. We believe Fit + Formulation is what sets Hollister apart.

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Having Skin Issues

What are some of the causes of skin breakdowns around the stoma?

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Preventing Skin Problems

Want to learn how to keep the skin around your stoma healthy, and keep you happy?

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Skin Care Science

What is ceramide and how do products infused with it help keep skin around the stoma healthy?

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