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Ostomy eLearning


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Hollister Ostomy Care

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Hollister Education has developed an online course in Ostomy Care that offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to learn more about this specialized area of care. There are a total of five lessons that may be viewed in any order, with an assessment at the conclusion of each lesson.  Topics include:  pouching systems, ostomy accessories, problem solving, and education and resources. Each lesson contains a glossary of terms and reference resources.

Lesson 1: Ostomy Overview

Ostomy Lesson 1

  • Describe the three main types of ostomies 
  • Describe the characteristics of normal stomas 
  • Identify diseases associated with stoma construction

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Lesson 2: Pouching Systems

Ostomy Lesson 2

  • Identify essential components of a pouching system
  • Identify pouch and barrier options
  • Describe key product features
  • Explain the process of changing pouching systems

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Lesson 3: Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy Lesson 3

  • Identify common ostomy accessories
  • Explain why accessories are used
  • Demonstrate how to use accessories

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Lesson 4: Problem Solving

Ostomy Lesson 4

  • Identify common issues associated with ostomy care
  • Initiate proper interventions

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Lesson 5: Education and Resources

Ostomy Lesson 5

  • Identify learning needs of a person with an ostomy
  • Provide sources for additional ostomy management education

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The information provided herein is not medical advice and is not intended to substitute for the advice of your personal physician or other healthcare provider. This information should not be used to seek help in a medical emergency. If you experience a medical emergency, seek medical treatment in person immediately.