Rakesh Testimonial


Program Manager, Global Engineering, Ireland

From designing to distributing the products—everything we do here at Hollister is all about the customer.

In 2008, I got a call from a Hollister recruiter and learned the company was building a new factory in India. I thought this would be a formidable opportunity for me to help contribute and establish what the company would be like, so I joined. After demonstrating my program management skills and delivering projects on time, on target and on budget, I was given the opportunity to move to Ireland in 2014. Of course, the culture is a bit different, but I love it here.

No matter what country you’re working in, at Hollister it’s all about the customer. We collaborate to make it happen and get it done, not for our own gain, but for our customers. Hollister not only cares for its customers, but for each associate. You feel nurtured and empowered here. Being empowered like that helps you be your best and leads to success throughout the entire organization.

Hollister has taught me how to keep pressure separate from my job and performance. Of course you need to deliver, but you don’t have to take on the stress. When I struggle on a project, I can always count on my management to provide me with support and guidance. These situations help us learn and grow and through it all, my management supports me. I find that absolutely wonderful!

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