Sales Specialist, Continence/Critical Care

You get more help to succeed than you could ever ask for here at Hollister.

I started my career as a licensed physical therapist and then switched to sales in a start-up medical device company. When I received a call from Hollister, I wasn’t that familiar with the company. I learned that Hollister is a true market leader in so many areas, with innovative products that actually change the industry. The more Hollister associates I spoke to, the more I learned that Hollister is almost like a family. From marketing to research and development to management, everyone pulls together to help each other be successful—it’s a team effort. No one is selfish. So I decided this is the company for me.

As a sales specialist, I’m driven. I want innovative products to sell and exciting news to talk about—and Hollister gives me those opportunities. Hollister has an amazing brand recognition, a respected name in the industry, and its resources are creative and impressive. Marketing and sales materials are always available to us. Nurses and clinicians are always available for our customers. Most importantly, Hollister operates with integrity. 

I’ve been with Hollister for about a year now, and I’m still happy every day. The key to great sales is to have products you love to sell, and I’m thrilled with my amazing products. I’m also excited about my opportunities for growth at Hollister.

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