Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference

This event provides Spinal Cord Injury and Urology nurses with a unique opportunity to network with colleagues, and learn the latest developments and standards in the fields of SCI and Urology nursing.

2021 Virtual Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference – October 4-5, 2021

The first Virtual Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference took place over a 2-day period in October of 2021. It was attended by 448 clinicians who logged into the virtual platform from 16 countries. This innovative event provided SCI and Urology nurses with practical and up-to-date education that was expertly-informed, evidence-based, and guideline-driven. The virtual format consisted of live and recorded presentations, round table discussions, interactive question and answer sessions, and an interview with the 2019 Urology Nurse Conference award winner for “Best Novice Presentation.”

See the complete 2021 Virtual Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference program agenda

Watch a short video featuring highlights from the conference

Click the links below to view the programs that took place at the conference.


Robert Flynn
Robert Flynn

In this state-of-the-art presentation, Professor Flynn highlights the potential impact of spinal cord injury on bladder, bowel, and sexual function, as well as options for patient treatment.

Running time: 41:54

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Paula Muter
Paula Muter

Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) is a condition that healthcare professionals often do not recognize at the early stage. As a result, people with CES may suffer for many years before they are diagnosed. In this presentation, Paula shares her clinical perspective on how to improve this process for a better patient outcome.

Running time: 23:53

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Thomas Tailly
Thomas Tailly

Globally, one of the top five issues that urological outpatient clinics handle is patients presenting with kidney stones. In this program, Dr. Tailly talks about the different clinical approach required for SCI patients with kidney stones.

Running time: 39:51

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Sue Lennon
Sue Lennon

Program 4 – Spinal Cord Injury and Sexuality
presented by Sue Lennon RGN, BSc (hons), PGDip Psychosexual Therapy, MA Healthcare Ethics and Law

This teaser presentation provides a high-level overview of the workshop that Sue and her patient Anita Lowther will be facilitating at the upcoming 2022 Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference.

Running time: 15:51

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Ceri Parsons
Ceri Parsons

In this short presentation, Dr. Parsons provides insights on how individuals, particularly patients, react during an acute health crisis. She also will be facilitating a session at the upcoming 2022 Joint SCI & Urology Nurse Conference on how to handle these types of situations in your daily practice.

Running time: 18:56

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Katie Knowles
Katie Knowles

At the 2019 Urology Nurse Conference, Katie Knowles presented her abstract titled, “The nephrostomy patient journey – the development of an after care programme for patients with long term percutaneous nephrostomy drains”. Her outstanding presentation received The Best Novice Presenter Award.
Running time: 6:36




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