Endurance Sports With an Ostomy

If you enjoyed endurance sports like running, bicycling, rowing, cross-country skiing, triathlons, or any other demanding activity, you still can with a stoma. Just take a few precautions, and you’ll be ready to conquer any endurance challenge.

Endurance Sports with an Ostomy

Get tips on participating in endurance sports with a stoma.

If you participate in endurance sports, you might worry that you can’t continue with a stoma. Or maybe you feel a renewed determination after your surgery, and want to take up a new physical challenge. This can lead to ambitious goals, like running a marathon, joining a century bike ride, finishing an obstacle course race, or participating in other organized races or events.

If you’re an endurance athlete, or an aspiring one, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • In any endurance sport, the body needs to be in peak condition, regardless of whether or not you have a stoma. Make sure you follow recommended training plans for your goal or race.
  • Rubbing or chafing around the stoma may happen while running, cycling, or any repetitive motion. You might see little red marks, similar in appearance to mouth ulcers, that may appear on the stoma. They should heal quickly, and disappear with rest. If they don’t resolve, contact your healthcare professional.
  • Double-check that your pouching system is not too tight, or cutting into your stoma when exercising. If the pouch fits properly and is not too long, it should not touch or rub against your skin.