Choosing an Ostomy Skin Barrier

Selecting the right skin barrier is important to ensure a good seal and skin protection. Use this decision guide to help you choose the right one for you.

Choosing a Skin Barrier

Get tips on choosing a skin barrier.

The skin barrier is the most important part of the pouching system because it protects your skin from stoma output and keeps your pouch in place. There are many skin barrier options designed to provide the most secure seal around your stoma, prevent leakage, and protect your skin. Your choice depends on your stoma, output, and other factors, such as sensitivity to tape.

Here’s a quick decision guide to help you make the right choice for you.

Choosing a skin barrier



Your stoma is round, and its size is not changing

Pre-sized skin barriers

Your stoma is oval, and the size is still changing

Cut-to-fit skin barriers

Your output is liquid, soft, or mushy

Skin barriers designed to be more resistant to liquid stomal output

Your output is formed, or you change your skin barrier often

Skin barriers with gentle adhesion to limit skin damage from frequent changes

Your stoma sticks out, or you have a deep abdominal crease or hernia

Flat skin barriers that are best for use with creases or protrusions

Your stoma does not stick out, your skin is soft, or you have a slight crease in your skin

Convex skin barriers that adhere well to flat areas

You are sensitive to tape

 Skin barriers without tape