Dedicated to You and the Planet

We've made improvements to your pouch film.

At Hollister Ostomy Care, we balance product effectiveness, patient safety, and environmental responsibility.

In the pursuit of improving the performance of our products and minimizing environmental impact, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made the following improvements to your pouch film, designed to achieve both of those goals, and deliver added peace of mind and confidence for you.

Features of your new pouch film:


Your pouch film no longer contains chlorine, which means disposing of your pouch will be easier on the planet.

Improved odour control

Your pouch film now has odour-resistant properties that can contain gas longer before it permeates the film.

More discreet

The colour of your pouch film has changed from white to beige, which will help make your pouch less visible under your clothing.

What is pouch film?

Pouch film is the layer of your pouch between the fabric panels that are on one or both sides. This illustration shows where the film layer is located inside your pouch, although your pouch may feature a slightly different design.

We have made improvements to the pouch film only. Nothing will change about how your pouch functions or how you use it.