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COVID-19 Support and Information

At the moment, many of your ostomy patients will be apprehensive about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects their on-going care. To help you support them during this difficult time, we've shared lots of educational tools and resources.

Here you can access guides on how to use ostomy products, maintain healthy skin around the stoma, and resume lifestyle activities. Together, we're here to keep you and your patients feeling safe, reassured, and ready for the future.

General Ostomy Advice

You can use the following resources to solve many of your patient's potential stoma care issues while there is limited support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that this is general advice and not intended to replace any specific guidance you have already given.

COVID-19 Resources

Browse our COVID-19 resources for general guidance on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

How to Focus on Self Care While Caring for Others

Your guide to staying rested, inspired and hopeful.

Find Your Happy

Your guide to staying rested, inspired and hopeful.

Routine Care of an Ostomy

We've created a quick guide to four ostomy resources you can use with your patients.

Take a Look at Skin

Help your patients keep their stoma and skin healthy.

How to Get the Right Fit with Convexity

A guide to three convexity resources you can use with your patients.

Ostomy Accessories: When and How to Use Them

Here we discuss the uses and benefits of several stoma accessories.

A Guide to Protecting Skin Under Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Learn about protecting your skin underneath a PPE face mask.

Ostomy Products

We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of quality in medical products, and each member of the Hollister team is committed to making a difference in the lives of people who use them.

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